Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Why Modicare:

bullet Low Start-up Cost:
  Anyone can start this business as the start-up cost is very low. One can enroll for it by paying a small amount of Rs. 399/- only, in return of which one gets the entire starter-kit required for this business.

bullet Simple Compensation Plan:
  This business does not require any previous experience to be successful, all that is required is willingness to learn and passion for helping others to grow and improve their lives. Modicare’s compensation plan is very simple and gives a better opportunity to new consultants & business builders for them to get rewarded basis the effort that they put in.

bullet Earning Potential:
  There is no criterion for full-time and part-time, how much one wants to earn depends upon the amount of time one wants to put into it. The Modicare Compensation plan becomes more rewarding with team development in width & in depth and one can grow one’s earning potential by simply following it.

bullet Your Business to fit your life and time:
  Modicare offers a perfect and promising business opportunity for anyone who wants to start –up their own business and earn money. There is no specific requirement of any level of qualification; it can be started by anyone above the age of 18 years. It gives one the flexibility of working hours and one can do this business even by sitting at home.

bullet Trainings:
  Modicare has a special team of trainers for every region. These trainers conduct regular trainings from time-to-time to train Modicare Consultants about the various products and their usage. These trainings are done for consultants and new joinees, for them to understand the products and to learn and improve upon their communication and selling skills. Such trainings are conducted at a place/time which is convenient for all the consultants from that area to attend. Apart from these trainings, Modicare’s regional teams also help these new joinees in conducting such meetings at their homes for them to start with the business and get the comfort of organizing such meetings in future on their own.

bullet Product Quality:
  Modicare offers world class products in multiple categories like, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Skin Care and Color Cosmetics, Personal Care, Home Care, Laundry Care, Food and Beverage, Auto Care and Agriculture. There is a huge range of daily-use products that are used in every household.

bullet Credibility:
  Modicare has been into existence since 16 years and is a part of the K.K. Modi Group. It is a member of Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA), which is an autonomous, self regulatory body for the direct selling industry in India. This Association acts as an interface between the industry and policy – making bodies of the Government facilitating the cause of the Direct Selling Industry in India.

bullet Incredible Rewards, Recognitions, Foreign Trips etc.:
  Modicare helps one achieve their dreams and things that one desires for including incredible rewards, recognitions, big cars and foreign trips. In addition to the material gains it also helps one in becoming more proactive and develop new skills. This business not only polishes ones selling skills but also makes them a better planner.  

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hello Friends,

Here comes Best MLM Business for the people who would like to fulfill their dreams...

Everyone can be a part of this India's biggest Direct Selling Comapany...MODICARE - Live your Dreams..  with IDSA stamp (Indian Direct Selling Association: The IDSA stamp today is recognized as a doorway to success. It is also considered as a shield of security and safety for you who may be a direct seller or a consumer. It gives you the assurance that you are dealing with an organization that takes care of your interests.)

The pioneer Indian direct selling company Modicare is now one of the fastest growing direct selling company, welcomes you all in the world of direct selling opportunity. A wide range of patented world class product at 20% to 25% discount, prepared through its huge R&D set-up in and around the globe, with 100% satisfaction guarantee, 100% money refund guarantee as well as 100% quality guarantee. 100% echo-friendly products will add value in your life. The best pay plan called Maximizer Plan which is a unique combination of uni- level and binary plan. The plan offers 7 way of income.

Proud to be an Indian.. and Lets use the products made in India.. which MODICARE provides us with WORLD CLASS best quality Products in our day today use from morning to evening.

The products are available in various categories based on the requirement like:

  • Nutrition, Health and Wellness
  • 4Activ Mag Teq-Plus Bracelets
  • Skin Care
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Laundry Care
  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Auto Care
Please go through the website for more product information (Product catalogue is available) and other things.

Lets promote Indian products to all Indians

Become a Modicare Consultant:

If you are looking for decent earnings for future support, you can join Modicare Business as Modicare Consultant and can invite many other persons into the system go grow togather as big tree. Its a very good opportunity for starters who wants to live theri dreams.. Modicare has got best training support especially from your upliners...

Seven ways of EARNINGS :
  1. Retail Profit
  2. Power Seller Bonus
  3. Mentor Bonus
  4. Team Builder Bonus
  5. Maximizer Team Bonus
  6. Leader Cheque Match
  7. Trips, Car, House Bonus & Cash Awards

Join Modicare Team by referring this number: MCA No. 93583378. You can join Modicare online or can visit nearest Modicare Success centres for application form and can tell then my MCA No. 93583378.
Documents needed are : Address proof and valid ID Proof.
Please contact me for any help:
For Products purchasing Enquiry or for joining our team.
Sponsor's Name :   Himabindu
MCA No.:              93583378
Email Id :     
Best Wishes Always...